Our Goal

Our goal is to decrease the dependence on fossil fuels so use alternate method of renewable energy source like solar energy. Currently, 75% of our electrical energy is generated by coal burning power plants. Sunlight, a natural resource of energy that is clean and pollution free is available as an energy source to meet the ever increasing demand for energy, the fast depletion of conventional energy sources and threat of climate change arising out of ever increasing level of carbon emission, have increased the focus on alternative sources of energy. India has a high solar isolation with almost 300 days of sunshine in a year.

In view of high solar radiation over the country, tapping this incredible source is the most viable solution to achieve the nation's solar mission.

Why Aishwarya Solar?

Aishwarya Solar provides roof mounted P.V. System that is suitable for pitched and flat roof applications with high efficiency. We also provide customized solutions to various Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors. We have 20 years experience in power sector & service industry having team of experienced & dedicated professionals.

We are a leading Solar Solutions provider with a huge client base in Marathwada region with expertise in On-Grid & Off-Grid Solar Projects. First On-Grid solar implementation in Parbhani & Hingoli districts was installed on 2nd July 2016 by Aishwarya Solar.