What is Battery Revival or Battery Rejuvenation ?

Aishwarya Solar ICU leverages a very unique technology that follows the scientific methods and procedures to enhance the electrochemistry of batteries. By using this unique and exclusive technology and experience, we offer extended warranty on all type of batteries.

At Aishwarya Battery ICU, we can rejuvenate almost all types of batteries including automobiles, inverters, ups, industrial power backups, solar power batteries, forklift batteries, telecom batteries and any other battery banks.

Save capex for 1 year

Annual Maintenace Cost

Value Saving of 80%

Enhance Battery Backup


Good Service... Our old battery surprisingly came to life... If every body deserves a second chance, why not a battery?

My friend suggested me to revive battery instead of purchasing a new one... I am happy with my decision

Believe it, my car is running on a battery revived from Aishwarya battery ICU since one year. It's second life of my car's battery.

Bring in your old battery that is almost in coma, Aishwarya Battery ICU will bring it to life.